Na Lucha ag Rince
Na Lucha ag Rince
ISBN: 978-1-905560-42-4
Year published: 2009
Cover: Paperback

This is a new collection of short stories aimed at Leaving Certificate students. After winning the lotto, Tomás Ó Sé finds himself living life amongst the rich and famous and quickly forgets his old friends. Now, as the money runs out, does he have anyone left to turn to? Or what about Pádraigín? With the mounting pressure of the Leaving Cert., without any space or time to herself and all the housework to do, it’s no wonder she struggles. Will she get fair play or will things get even worse? And then there’s the young boy who excitedly awaits his presents every Christmas only, this year, to uncover not a present but a truth – a cold, horrible truth that means Christmas will never be the same again...Heartbreak, loneliness, hope, forgiveness, revenge, happiness and more...as well as twenty-four interesting and enjoyable stories, this book gives useful tips and guidelines on planning and writing stories.

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